My name is Stuart MacLean and the author of Black Omega. I am a coder and an audiophile. In fact I love listening to music and understanding the science of sound so much that I have dedicated a great portion of my life in the solo pursuit of digital audio perfection.

I have been researching and developing the Black Omega audio player for over 14 years now. The first incarnation of the player was released in 2003 and subsequently improved upon. Now after 7 years of re-engineering it from the ground up I am proud to present the second incarnation of the Black Omega player.

The main components of the player are:

Black Omega is the perfect audiophile player boasting

  • Playback of up to 192kHz and 24-bit depth.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound playback.
  • Complete integration with iTunes database.
  • Playback using ASIO interface for Windows, HAL for interface Mac.
  • Perfectly seamless playback.
  • Custom mp3, aac, alac, ogg, flac and wav decoders.
  • An Intuitive and complete interface.

With the redevelopment of Black Omega a long term goal has been to create a simple but elegant player that will deliver the highest quality audio rendering possible by your hardware. Also there has been a lot of research and work done on developing unique features, that although not complete yet, will appear in future releases of the player. Most notably

  • Black Omega for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Remote Control of Player.
  • Synchronised multi-room playback.
  • Support for DNLA hardware.
  • Development of WMA.
  • Integration with 5.1 amps via DTS encoder.