The vast majority of players use stock libraries to process and decode the various audio formats. Black Omega is unique because I have designed and developed each of its decoders, from the ground up, for the supported audio format. Born from a desire to understand and master the maths and science of psychoacoustics and digital signal processing the development of each decoder has been a journey into algorithmic sorcery and digital alchemy built upon an ever expanding knowledge base.

Black Omega, the mp3 decoder, is the original decoder and the name sake of the player. I first heard about mp3 back in 1996 and knew this was a game changing piece of technology. The decoder's first incarnation came from reverse engineering the original IIS Fraunhofer source code. Each step from bitstream decoding, dequantization, stereo mixing, antialiasing, suband hybrid and windowed transformation; was cyclically developed, over and over again, until each component, algorithm and process had been perfected. The second version of the decoder was redeveloped using better coding practice and technique along with an improved infrastructure.

Silver Omega, the Vorbis Ogg decoder, the open source lossy format. The Vorbis Ogg format represented both 10 years of intensive psychoacoustic research since mp3 technology first appeared; along with the philosophy that formats should be open and patent free. From floor and residue decoding, inverse coupling, spectral envelope and inverse MDCT the same dedication of perfection was shown with as was given to mp3. The original decoder was later redeveloped for version 2.

Blue Omega, PCM wave decoder. Certainly the simplest, this was used to work out a unified decoder interface in developing the infrastructure for version 2. Using extended information multi-channel support is provided.

White Omega, MPEG-4 AAC decoder. Working on the successor to mp3 was a joy and felt like going back to my roots. From enhanced bitstream decoding and quantisation, joint coding, long term prediction, temporal noise shaping and filterbank design each part developed with the same love and attention to detail as ever.

Green Omega, FLAC decoder. The definitive loseless format for high-definition sound tracks. Ensuring bit-perfect sound reproduction, support for all playback frequencies upto and including 192kHz and all bit depths, and support for surround sound multi-channel tracks.

Red Omega, Apple Lossless decoder. With Apple's loseless format for perfect preservation this decoder gives complete integration with your iTunes audio collection. Supporting 16/24 bit and surround sound multi-channel tracks.