Based on the philosophy that sound reproduction should be exactly as the original artist intended the audio playback engine ensures a bit-perfect audio stream is delivered directly to your computer’s DAC hardware. Taking full advantage of your DAC's playback capacity the realtime critical process renders a perfect seamless surround sound or stereo signal whilst ensuring responsive playback controls.

Black Omega communicates directly with your computer's sound card hardware or external DAC, bypassing any intermediate and mixing layers in the operating system, thus ensuring a bit-perfect audio playback experience. The Window’s version employs Steinberg’s ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) protocol, as used by professional musicians and composers. The MacOSX version employs Apple’s HAL (Hardware Audio Layer) interface.

Black Omega has been designed to utilise the full playback capacity of modern 7.1 surround sound cards and multi-channel DACs. This makes this player unique in that it will playback 5.1 surround sound FLAC files perfectly or up/down mix it to match your specific speaker configuration. It can also play stereo tracks simultaneously through your front, surround and rear speakers totally immersing you in a sea of harmony.

If your audio hardware is unable to play a track at its given frequency Black Omega will employ a very high quality resampling filter in order to provide playback of that track on your hardware.

Black Omega uses precise gapless playback ensuring a perfectly seamless playback where consecutive tracks segue into each other.

To avoid the continual clicking interruption of your hard drive as it reads in audio data Black Omega can buffer entire tracks into memory.